Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 5 - Leaving Denali July 30, 2008 

Leaving Denali and headed back to Anchorage

Dear diary, today has been the coldest morning yet....upper 40's and very damp.

I didn't layer quite as much as I should have.   We went to see the dogsled demonstration while Jack and Becky went whitewater rafting.  I'm not sure how we'll meet up with them I should have worn more layers...

The dogs pulled a sled around a gravel path with ease, as if if on on snow....I MEAN THIS IS REALLY COLD!!! this the published blog page??? OOPS!

Today was the last morning to take in  a bit more of Denali before heading back into Anchorage.  We were glad to have had enough gas to get back without refueling there.  The gas prices in Cantmore were the highest yet...$5.649/gal !!!

A mama bear and two cubs jolted out of the woods attempting to cross the road, but saw the cars and darted back in.  We Celtibillies stopped to see if they tried for a second attempt.  We saw the mother poke her head out of the woods and then went back in.   While we stared as hard as possible with cameras focused on that spot, Jack noticed out of the corner of his eye, they had cut around beside us to dart across a driveway.  Clever girl!  They were too quick for us.  

Also not included in our photo montage was the elusive Alaskan husky ATV 4-wheeler.  That's right....a dog team hooked up to a four-wheeler for summer training.  By the time we stopped and got the cameras out, they were off into the woods.  Maybe we'll be quicker next time.

Later, we arrived in Anchorage and went to dinner with a friend who lives there.  Coincidentally there was an informal Celtic music jam going on.  Jack sat on on fiddle for a couple of songs.  When we explained we were in town to perform for the "Out North" concert series, they exclaimed..."Celtibillies?"  We were pleasantly surprised.

For now we are settling down for a quiet rest of the evening.  It's 10:30PM and the sun is low on the horizon.  Tomorrow there will be a radio interview followed by our concert later in the evening.  Thanks to everyone who is following along on our trip, and thanks for the wonderful comments  Don't hesitate to add something.  We love the support.  More to come soon.



Mary Frances Williams said...

Just heard your appearance on the radio show. The reception was exceptionally clear. Loved it all, especially the last song. That one alone should pull the people in to your concert tonight.
I'm glad all of you are having this grand tour of that wonderful state.

Celtibillies said...

Mary Frances,

We are so glad you are following along with the tour.
We appreciate the comments. We are looking forward to sharing more Alaska stories with you when we get back home.