Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 7 - Heading to Homer

What a drive!!! Wow, the scenery keeps getting better and better.
Picture driving down a gently rolling road along side wetlands.  Then you head down further beside the body of water called Turnagain Arm.  We were struck by the blue colors coming through the clouds that sat on the mountains as the early sun tried to gleam through.  This road took us further down to the Kenai Peninsula.  As we went through Sterling, AK, we saw the signs warning of the high number of moose killed by cars each year(no mention of the drivers...I'm sure they were OK....oh yeah, we saw no moose there)....we went on to Homer where you come down the mountain to look out over the Kachemak Bay at Cook Inlet.  Across the water we saw a the Kenai Mountain which were ice covered and included three volcanoes.  The people are great, and we caught maybe what the locals referred to the fifth day of summer. (It has been a record-cold and wet summer.)  
We played for the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra Summer Concert Series, where we met another couple from Virginia.  We have had someone from Virginia in every crowd on this tour!  Small world.  It was there I met the bassist from the original run of the production "Up With People." We also got to meet the wonderful owner of the hammered dulcimer that we were provided with for the tour. By the way, if you ever make it to Homer, AK, make sure to go to the the Pratt Museum.  It is wonderful!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your bear sightings. I didn't see one in Denali. Really enjoyed reading about your all's Alaskan adventures. Glad you're taking time to blog.