Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seldovia and the final days

Well every time we think we have seen the most beautiful view in the world, we come around the corner, or over a hill, or some clouds settle on a mountain, and it changes everything.  Never before have we said "Wow!" so much from the views we were taking in.  I don't believe these photos can really convey the beauty and vastness of the sights.

The ride over the water to Seldovia was wonderful.  This was originally a Russian village set up around fishing.  The name "Seldovia" is Russian for "herring".  

What a place this was.  We asked if there were any horses in town.  They said there was one. We got a kick out of that.  The town is accessible by air or water only.  Many of the people in the town volunteer to take care of the many things a small community needs.  The beauty was incomparable.   They have a small church, a police officer, a bar, a grocery store, a volunteer EMS team who is on-the-ready to take people across the water to the hospital in Homer.  They have a hotel as well as a bed-and-breakfast.  We were greeted at the dock by two young girls playing violin.  The Seldovia Arts Council puts a lot of work into bringing artists into their community to host concerts and make even more of wonderful place to be.

Did I mention that we got to see bald eagles and sea otters?  Beautiful.  There were wood carvings which were so impressive, placed in front of homes and businesses in Seldovia.  What became even more impressive was when we found out the were done by chainsaw!  Amazing!

We included photos of friends met while in Alaska, friends we made who helped loan us instruments to make our trip possible, as well as friends who helped coordinate all sorts of other stuff, including putting up we Jack and myself.  If it wasn't for these people, I don't know if we could have done.  Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and everyone who made it more beautiful.

Jeff, Jack, Tim, Becky, Ann

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